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About IIIT Bhagalpur

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bhagalpur (IIIT Bhagalpur) is one of the IIITs set up by MHRD, Govt of India in PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP(PPP) mode. It started functioning from the academic year 2017.

Bhagalpur is a city of historical importance on the southern banks of the river Ganges in the Indian state of Bihar. It is the 3rd largest city of Bihar and also the headquarters of Bhagalpur district and Bhagalpur division. Known as Silk City, it is a major educational, commercial, and political centre, and listed for development under the Smart City program, a joint venture between Government and industry. The Gangetic plains surrounding the city are very fertile. The river is home to the Gangetic dolphin and the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary is established near the town. The ancient Vikramshila university, established in 9th century, was intended to complement the world class universities at Nalanda and Takshila. It lasted for four centuries before being destroyed during an attack by Bakhtiyar Khilji of the Delhi Sultanate.

Indian Institute of Information Technology Bhagalpur is a joint venture of Govt. of India (50%), Govt. of Bihar (35%) and BELTRON(15%). The Institute started its first academic session from 1st August 2017. Bhagalpur College of Engineering (BCE) had provided the buildings to IIIT Bhagalpur in its campus. They were renovated and logistics were provided by IIIT Bhagalpur. The institute is fully residential and has separate hostels for boys and girls with proper security arrangements and other facilities.

Govt of Bihar has provided 50 acres of land to IIIT Bhagalpur carved out of BCE Bhagalpur campus on the banks of river Ganga. The institute has taken possession of the land and construction of the state of the art Permanent campus is ongoing and expected to be completed soon..

The institute started with B. Tech programmes in two branches namely Computer Science Engineering (60 seats) and Electronics and Communication Engineering (60 seats) in 2017. From 2018, a new branch namely Mechatronics Engineering (30 seats) is being started. The admission of the students is held through JEE MAINS organised by JOSAA/CSAB. 73 students, from various parts of India, were admitted in the first batch in 2017 against the planned intake of 120.

The institute arranges invited talks by experts within and across the disciplines. Apart from the academics, the institute provides for sports, music and cultural facilities to ensure overall development of the students. NSS (National Service Scheme) activities are included in the curriculum to strengthen students’ obligation towards public service.