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Vision and Mission

VISION: Value Creation, Innovative Ideas & Transformational Leadership

To create technocrat by providing high quality education, research by inculcating technical skills so that they can play pivotal role in transforming the world and serving the community.


I. Enhance the Student Learning Environment

The Institute will improve learning for its diverse group of students by emphasing upon effective traditional teachning methods, innovative pedagogy and active learning through research experiences, internships, service learning, and learning communities. We will accomplish this by promoting teamwork, academic rigor, learning assessment, information literacy, ethics and problem solving skills.

II. Resource Development

The IIIT Institute will seek to generate sufficient resources to support our strategic planning priorities. Resources will be increased from a combination of centre and state funds, student tuition, private support, grants and contracts, continuing education iniatitives, and funds for services provided to the industry and region. The successful acquisition of resources combined with innovative approach to reduce costs will ensure the required fund to support key priorities.

III. Commitment to Student Transformation

The Institute will aggressively focus on the excellent performance of students and their transformation by focussing on data driven and research-based projects and strategies.

IV. Developing our Campus Community

The ability of the Institute to achieve its aspiration is dependent upon its ability to recruit and retain a pool of highly qualified and diverse set of faculty, staff and administrators. An emphasis will be placed on defining, supporting and assessing the entire institute as an inclusive and transformative learning community characterized by a strong commitment to innovation.

V. Engagement with the Region and Outreach activities

IIIT will duly recogise and ensure to commit to engage with region and community

  • To improve education, healthcare, agriculture, promote awareness and skill development.
  • To develop industry clusters to improve the regional economy growth and development.
  • To empower social networks to improve neighbourhood and communities.