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Department Faculty


Faculty Profile
(In alphabetic order of first name)

Dr. Himadri Nayak
Assistant Professor 

Research Area:
Word Combinatorics: String reconstruction, Word complexities; Discrepancy Theory
Email: hnayak.math[AT]
Mobile No.: +91-7632995210
Joined the Institute on July, 2017

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Dr. Pankaj Kumar Tiwari
Assistant Professor & Head of Department
Research Area:
Mathematical Modeling in Ecology/Biology, Disease dynamics, Epidemiology and Ecoepidemiology, Marine plankton dynamics and biodiversity, Spatial dynamics
Email: pktiwari.math[AT],
Mobile No.: +91-9580987259
Joined the Institute on January, 2021

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Visiting Faculty Profile

Prabhat Kumar Jha
Visiting Faculty 

Research Area:
Value Education for Enhancing Efficiency & Effectivity
Email: jha52pk[AT]
Mobile No.: +91-9540066544

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