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Computer Networks Laboratory

This lab is dedicated for students to work on practical experiments, projects and research work related to courses such as Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Mobile Communications, Software-Defined Networking, Internet of Things, Future Networks (5G) and Cloud Computing. All Desktops/Laptops in the Computer Network lab are interconnected through LAN and Wi-Fi.  The lab consists of workstations, various types of high and branded routers, switches, load balancer with state-of-the-art Intel XEON based Servers having good configuration to support IT-Infrastructure on the campus.

Currently this lab is dedicated to the following courses and research works:

Course Name: Computer Networks Lab
Course_ID: CS313
Programme:  B.Tech.
Semester: VI Semester
Credits (L-T-P-C):  (0-0-3-3)

Department:  Computer Science and Engineering

Course Description and Objective:

The objective of this lab course is to get practical knowledge of working principles of various communication protocols. Analyse structure and formats of TCP/IP layer protocols using network tools such as Wireshark and network simulators. Implementing various network algorithms such as error control, error detection, routing, and security related algorithms.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand the practical approach to network communication protocols.
  • Understand network layers, structure/format and role of each network layer.
  • Able to design and implement various network application such as data transmission between client and server, file transfer, real-time multimedia transmission.
  • Understand the various Routing Protocols/Algorithms and Internetworking.

Research: Currently students also use this lab for doing research work on developing Internet of Things applications using Raspberry-Pi IoT kits and Cloud Computing Concepts.