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                                                                                        Mechanical Workshop

The Mechanical workshop has been developed consisting of all the required equipment such that students acquire knowledge on the operation of various processes involved in manufacturing. The Mechanical Workshop has following shops:

  • Machining Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Fitting Shop
  • Sheet Metal Shop
  • Electrical Shop
Lathe Machine


Make: Panther
Model: Panther all geared precision lathe 1050/1
Height of Centres:175 mm
Swing over bed: 335 mm
Swing over cross slide: 175 mm
Bed Type: 2 flat & 2 V
No. of speeds: 8
Range :45-938
Lead Screw: 31.75X4 TPI
Feeds: 32




CNC Wire Cut Electro Discharge Machine (Wire EDM)


Linear motion guide ways for X,Y axes and Datum Slide
Industrial Based Controller
Best surface finish 1.25-1.75 uRa, high precision ball screw of  dia. 32mm with C5 class.

Make: Concord United Products Private Ltd.

Model: DK-7732 VC
Table Travel(x&y):320 X 400 mm
Work Table Size: 415 X 635 mm
Max. Work Piece Thickness: 500 mm
Max. Taper: + 30 to -30



Shaping Machine



Make: Machinery & Spares
Model: Omega AG-24

Capacity: 24’’
Adjustable Stroke: 610 mm
Length of Ram:1219 mm
Working Surface of Table: 600 X 350
No. Ram Speeds (All Geared): 4
Range of Ram Speeds: 12,24.40,72 SPM






Universal Miller Machine




Make: Machinery & Spares
Model: P-2U, Peco

Working Surface: 1100x 280 mm
No. T slot and size:3/M-12
Longitudinal Feed(Automatic): 580 mm
Longitudinal feed by hand: 650 mm
No. of feeds:6
Longitudinal feed: 10,16,25,46,71,111 mm









pillar drilling
Pillar Drilling Machine



Make: Machinery & Spares
Model: SEW/S-25, Siddhapra
Drilling Gap: 25mm
Column Dia:87.50 mm
No. of speed: 8
Range of Speed:73 to 1800 rpm
Table Size: 345x345 mm
Overall height: 1675 mm









Hydraulic Hack Saw



Make: Machinery & Spares
Model: OH-12

Cutting Capacity(circular):300 mm
Cutting Capacity(Rectangular):225 mm
Blade Size: 500 mm
Motor: 1HP










Tee operated
TEE Operated Shearing Maching



Make: Machinery & Spares
Model: UC/1250/2

Length:1250 mm
Thickness: 6 mm
Rake Angle:20
Max. Back Gauge: 600 mm