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Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


This lab is focused on the research and application of Artificial Intelligence. It aims to deploy cutting-edge methodologies in various areas of Artificial Intelligence by conducting research in both the theoretical and application aspects of it. The research focuses on following areas:

  • Knowledge representation and Reasoning,
  • Machine learning,
  • Commonsense reasoning,
  • Cognitive vision,
  • Intelligent robotics,
  • Human computer interaction,
  • Multi-agent systems,
  • Natural language processing.

This lab is also dedicated towards producing the highly trained students in the broad areas of Artificial Intelligence. The research produced by this lab will have a significant impact on companies working on Artificial Intelligence.

Future Aspect:

  • This lab at IIIT Bhagalpur actively looks for the sponsored projects funded by the Govt. of India. Apart from this, it also looks for industrial partners for carrying out combined research projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • In the future, this lab is going to establish advanced GPU computing facility to conduct cutting-edge research on various topics of AI.
  • Conduct workshops and training sessions for disseminating the knowledge related to AI so that India can witness a skilled workforce in this area.
  • In the future, this lab is going to stress on those AI projects which provides new ways of looking at AI problems. These projects should effectively help to solve the societal problems.