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Database Management Systems Laboratory

This lab is dedicated for students to work on practical experiments, projects and research work, related to courses such as Database Management Systems, Distributed Data Computing, Hadoop, Data Warehousing and Mining, and Big Data Analysis.
Currently this lab is dedicated to the following courses and research works:

Course Name:  Database Management Systems Lab
Course_ID: CS212
Programme:  B.Tech.
Semester: IV Semester
Credits (L-T-P-C): (0-0-3-3)
Department:  Computer Science and Engineering

Course Description and Objective:

The objective of this lab course is to understand the practical applicability of database management system concepts. Working on existing database systems, designing of database, creating relational database, analysis of table design. The lab course also provide practical knowledge to understand advanced database concepts such as Datamining and Big Data Analysis.

 Course Outcomes:

  • Students get practical knowledge on designing and creating relational database systems.
  • Understand various advanced queries execution such as relational constraints, joins, set operations, aggregate functions, trigger, views and embedded SQL.
  • Use of various software to design and build ER Diagrams, UML, Flow chart for related database systems.
  • Students will be able to design and implement database applications on their ow

Research: Currently students are using lab for doing research work based on Hadoop.