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Dr. Thejaswini M
Head of Department, CSE
Email: hod.cse[AT]

Message from Head of Department

Indian Institute of Information Technology Bhagalpur (IIIT Bhagalpur) is located near the southern banks of river Ganges and the city of Bhagalpur has historical importance. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIIT Bhagalpur was formed in 2017. The department focused on Information Technology and is currently offering the degree of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Computer Science and Engineering. The department has strong undergraduate programme, designed to create innovators and researchers.  

Our students are very passionate and enthusiastic in learning. Students are given a strong foundation in CSE that includes both theoretical and experimental frameworks. The Department aims to produce quality professionals in the field of Computer Science and Engineering and strive for excellence in research and develop. Our faculty have excellent academic knowledge and assist students to be dynamic in choosing and pursuing their interest. Students are encouraged to take ICT projects such as Smart City, IoT, Robotics, Graphics, Future Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Green Technology and Grid Computing, etc.  

The department provides excellent infrastructure and facilities for faculties and students to excel in teaching and to be dynamic to accept any research challenge. The department has started M.Tech. programme from 2021 in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science area and Ph.D. programmes in various research fields.

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Head of the Department