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Object Oriented Programing Laboratory


This lab is dedicated for students to work on practical experiments, projects and research work related to courses such as object oriented programing and JAVA. This lab purpose is to enhance the programming skills of the students by giving practical assignments and also requisite knowledge about Object Oriented Programming through C++ so that they make their own Applications/Projects using C++.

Currently this lab is dedicated to the following courses and research works:

Course Name: Object Oriented Programming Lab

Course_ID: CS211

Programme:  B.Tech.

Semester: III Semester

Credits (L-T-P-C):  (0-0-3-2)

Department:  Computer Science and Engineering

Lab Experiments/Projects:

  • Programs on basic C++ programs concepts, C++ operators and functions.
  • Programs on defining class, friend function, function overloading, operator overloading.
  • Programs on inheritance, and virtual functions.
  • Programs on pointers to objects, derived classes, polymorphism.
  • Programs on C++ stream classes, files and templates

Research:  Currently students using lab for developing Applications/Projects using C++ and JAVA.