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Programming Laboratory

The Programming Laboratory is accessible to undergraduate students of all the departments of IIIT Bhagalpur. This lab is well equipped with various technical equipment for carrying out experiments. This lab is well furnished consisting of various cooling machinery as well as furniture.

Lab Equipment (Technical):

Lab Experiments:

This lab has been utilized for conducting lab experiments of various undergraduate courses present in the curriculum of B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. A list of very few experiments that have carried out during the course of “Computer Programming” course has been given below.

1. Familiarization with the laboratory equipment and Linux Operating System for running programs in a particular programming language.
2. Implement the basic functionality of scientific calculator.
3. Design and Implement a dictionary through the facilities provided by a Programming Language.
4.    Create a program with a “structure” to store information of students in an educational institute
(name, roll-number, marks).
5. Create a virtual library facility containing various information about books.
6. Creating software solution for creating and manipulating files.

Apart from above list, students are encouraged to tackle Competitive Programming Challenges!