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 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Digital Signal Processing Lab is used by UG students in core and elective course on Digital Signal Processor. Our laboratory presents an opportunity for students to check out their signal processing algorithms, from students' laboratory experiments to high-level research topics, in real situations. The lab is well equipped with 31 number of high performance computers. Software packages such as MATLAB with Simulink and Code composer studio are installed in the systems. The lab has Texas Instruments DSP kits for carrying out various advanced experiments.

Lab Equipment and supporting software: -

  • All in One DSP Educational Practice Board
  • USB JTAG Emulator for All in One DSP Kit
  • RFID Interface Module, Finger print module, GSM Modem, CCD Camera
  • Texas Instrument DSP Development Kit (Model: TMS320C6) with Emulator
  • Protection PCB for DSP board
  • DSP Based Motor Control System
  • MATLAB, Python, Code composer Studio for DSP 

Faculty Incharge: Dr. Sandeep Raj
Email id:-

JTS: Mr. Kumar Sheelvardhan and Mr.Rajan Kumar