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1. Sandeep Raj, and Arvind Choubey, “A Handheld Device for Bacterial and Viral Infection Detection Using X-rays and CT Images”, Indian Patent, Appl. No.: 202031023859.

2. Sandeep Raj, and Arvind Choubey, “Bacterial and Viral Infection Localization and Classification Using X-rays and CT Images”, Indian Patent, Appl. No.: 202031024974.

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List of Sponsored/ Consultancy Projects


Sl. No Title of the Project Funding Agency Investigator Grant Amount Status
1. Development of Artificial Intelligence module for detection of Pests and Diseases affecting major crops of Bihar Bihar Agriculture University Sabour Dr. Sandeep Raj 75 Lakhs On-Going
2 Development of ESD Protection Circuits/Devices for High speed I/O Driver and RFICS. DST –SERB Start-up Research Grant Dr. Dheeraj kr. Sinha 24.92 Lakhs On-Going
3 An Efficient Low-Power FPGA-Accelerated Embedded 2DConvolutional Neural Network Architecture for Real-Time Biomedical Imaging Applications Chip to Startup, MeitY Dr. Sandeep Raj (CI)
Dr. Dheeraj Kr. Sinha (Co-CI)
85.99 Lakhs On-Going
4 Design and Development of Metasurface Sensors for Human Machine Interfacing Using Binary Arachnida Salticidade Optimization Techniques iHUB Divyasampark, IIT Roorkee Chetan Barde (PI) and Prakash Ranjan (Co-PI) 11.1 Lakhs On-Going
5 Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting System for Wireless Sensor Node and IoT iHUB Divyasampark, IIT Roorkee Prakash Ranjan (PI) and Chetan Barde (Co-PI) 14.35 Lakhs On-Going