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Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory

The Analog & Digital Electronics Laboratory is accessible to undergraduate students of all the departments. The lab is well equipped with Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, function generators, digital multimeters, Analog & Digital ICs, general purpose ICs, etc.

Lab Equipment’s: -

  • Two channel 100 Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Model: SMO1002; Make: Scientific)
  • 25 MHz single Channel Function Generator (Model: SMG5225; Make: Scientific)
  • Triple output Regulated DC Power Supply (Model: PSD3304 Make: Scientific)
  • 4½ Hand Held Digital Multimeter (Model: SM7024, Make: Scientific)
  • Universal IC Tester (Model: DICT-03, Make: Kitek)
  • LCR Meter (Model: LCR-914, Make: GW-Instek)
  • Analog Kit (Model: ASLK PRO, Make: Texas Instruments

Faculty In-charge: - Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Email id:-

JTS: - Mr.Kumar Sheelvardhan and Mr. Rajan Kumar