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IoT & Embedded System Laboratory

IoT and Embedded system laboratory is included in the course with the objective of enabling students and faculties of the institute to witness and be the part of the vision in which the internet prolongs into the real world embracing everyday objects. This vision is grounded in the belief that the steady advances in microelectronics, communications and information technology perceived in recent years will continue into the foreseeable future. Various fields of engineering such as embedded system, wireless sensor networks, control system, automation systems are together interconnected to form the Internet of Things (IoT). This laboratory provides extensive hands-on to design various embedded system and exposes with the tools required to turn them into IoTs.

Course Outcomes:

On completion of this lab course the students will be able to:
a. Learn to configure Raspberry Pi
b. Learn to design and implement various embedded system.
c. Learn ARM Cortex M3.
d. Learn to code python.
e. Learn to implement communication protocol.
f. Learn to implement MQ Telemetry Transport protocol.

Faculty In-charge: Dr. Suraj
Email: suraj.ece[AT]

Technical Assistant: Mr. Kumar Sheelvardhan