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VLSI Laboratory

This Laboratory is well equipped for challenging analog, digital and mixed signal IC design and validation. The lab also has a very rich wealth of state-of-art servers, systems and tools for design and testing which includes Hardware Facilities, EDA tools, Software and Library. While retaining the salient features of Microelectronics & VLSI stream, the courses includes lecture and laboratory based courses specially designed to cater to the needs of the industry both in the core subjects and through electives. In laboratory sessions, students are trained to design system level project to physical layout of ICs through available tools and hardware in the laboratory

Lab Equipment and supporting software: -

  • HP Desktop (Intel core i5 7th Gen.)
  • MAGIC, NgSPICE Software and other EDA Tools
Faculty In-Charge: Dr. Sandeep Raj
Email ID: sraj.ece[AT]

JTS: Mr. Kumar Sheelvardhan